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International financial analytic company, an association of professional consultants.

The basis of ICA is portfolio investment and consulting in this area. Our strategies successfully combine the most modern investment solutions, innovative developments with conservative methods of working with capital, creating a symbiosis of the reliability of instruments and modern "brands" in the financial market.

Our team

We guarantee that our customers will always receive a high level of service from any partner of the company.

Максут Аушакимов
Trader, Crypto investor
Бейбарыссултан Сапей
Ердос Бекмухамбетов
Рауза Байзакова
Head of the network company
Гульбану Сапей
Владимир Короткевич
Managing director of GCN
Сагидолла Кужагариев
Director of the international transactions
Сагила Кусаинова
Finance director

With us they become real

Having decided to cooperate with our company, you will become a member of the team of professional financial and consultants, where you will have access to the vast knowledge and experience of many successful and financially independent people.


You will open the world of finance from a completely new perspective!

In our company, a career is directly related to continuous training and self-development. A progressive career ladder allows you to achieve a high level if you are focused on the result, know how to follow corporate standards, ready for growth and responsibility.


The foundation of a successful business is training!

One of the priorities of Investment Consulting Agency is its own financial literacy school. In this area, the company cooperates with many business schools and trainers with a worldwide reputation.

Cooperating with us, you will go through several stages of training, take part in corporate trainings and in-depth leadership programs and, of course, you can communicate and share experiences with company leaders and management.

Our partners

We guarantee that our customers will always receive a high level of service from any partner of the company.